how effective are your car dealership sales events

How Effective Are Your Car Dealership Sales Events?

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How Effective Are Your Car Dealership Sales Events?

Car Dealerships and sales events go hand in hand. But how effective are car dealership sales events? Dealership sales event marketing and advertising are prominent for everyone to see or hear on the radio and TV etc.  Are they effective?  Do they actually generate more footfall?

The constant barrage of car sales evcar dealership sales eventsent advertising has left the car customers tired, less receptive to the car dealership sales event message and even sceptical of the event itself. However, consistently dealers still see great sales at these “ sales events”, so why is this? Why do customers go out of their way just for the chance of saving money?

FOMO – The Fear Of Missing Out

What’s the reason? It is because people are innately social creatures and many have an ‘inherent’ desire to be a part of something. The fear of missing out, a pervasive apprehension that others may be having a rewarding experience that they are missing out on, has an influential impact on today’s modern customers. The continuous sales event marketing car dealers implore for their “Big” car sales event, that in reality is not that big of an event at all, damages the credibility of what can actually be a great opportunity to sell cars. Ifmissing a car dealership sales event today’s customers don’t believe the messages that are constantly pushed at them, they will simply switch off.

So how can car dealerships effectively hold true sales events beyond just a sales events? How can they excite their customers and create a sense of urgency and excitement surrounding an event but also motivate attendance by utilising their fear of missing out?

Leave The Balloons At The Door

The answer is simple – hold a genuine timely sales events that offers great value for customers and you, the dealer and implement an effective contact strategy to target the right customers. You don’t need gimmicks, red carpets or even an Elvis cardboard cut out to get results and sell cars.  Having a clear and concise message that is consistently delivered effectively and directly to your audience and backed up with great car sales offers for your customers is all you need. By unifying your event messages through every medium and ensuring they are delivered directly to your customers via, email and telephone is the best way to get results.

It’s All In The Calldealership customer contact

If your customers don’t know about your event, how are they expected to show up? Leaving it to traditional advertising methods is not as effective as it should be. When you run a sales event every single customer on your database, who could be potentially in the market to buy a car, should be contacted and informed about your sales event. Knowing which customer to target will also generate better results. Timing is key, if you target the right customers at the right time and not the wrong customer at the wrong time, you will yield stronger conversion rates. By targeting customers that are most inclined to be interested in your car dealership sales events you will find your results will be enhanced.  You can also save on your marketing budget if you contact the right 1000 customers instead of blasting 10,000 with a message that won’t resonate with them or even worst, deter them.dealership success

Staff buy-in is also equally important when holding sales events. Dealership salespeople can get equally resistant and complaisant as customers to ongoing sales events throughout the dealership calendar. Enthusiasm for an event must be present within all staff on site. Customers will more readily accept that the event they are attending is legitimately a unique opportunity to get a great deal on a car. If the dealership is excited, this feeling will transfer to their customers and if done properly create that sense of urgency needed to get a sale.

Effective car dealership sales events can be successful if they are not overused, planned and timed properly. With the correct planning, marketing and messages you can create a successful car dealership sales event that customers will recognise but also anticipate and readily buy a car from.

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