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Experience our Inbound appointment bookers.

Let Us Handle Your Calls.

Direct Affinity can handle all of your inbound calls, whether it’s your customers booking in for a service, looking for a vehicle or even wanting to know your opening hours… We can ensure that you never miss a business opportunity.

What Makes Direct Affinity The Right Partner?

• Over 50 years of senior management experience
• Uk’s Leading Motor Trade Contact Specialists
• Fully DMA accredited & Audited
• Worked with over 800 Dealerships in the past 12 months
• Open 7 days a week (Monday-Friday: 8am – 8pm | Saturday: 8am – 7pm | Sunday: 10am-4pm)
• Experienced Appointment Bookers

Inbound Appointment Bookers.

Our Inbound Appointment Bookers strive to make sure that YOUR customers are satisfied with their telephone experience. Our Appointment Bookers will strive to maximise every opportunity by turning enquiries into a sales or service appointment. YOU and YOUR business will not miss an opportunity.

If you would like to find out how our Inbound Appointment Bookers can help you and your business please contact us on or simply call us on 0345 519 7922.






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