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Let’s Go Q3! Direct Affinity Sales Events

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Direct Affinity Sales Events

It is a new quarter so let’s start as we mean to go on. Time to gear up and make quarter 3 your best yet. Direct Affinity are the UK’s leading Motor Trade Contact Specialists and if you don’t know already, here is just a little about what we can do for you as a business.

If you need more car sales, our sales EVENTS can effectively generate quality customer appointments for your dealership and our incentivised TEST DRIVE EVENTS package also enables you to reward existing customers for their attendance with high-value gifts.



If you want to ensure your team have the right knowledge to achieve sales success, take a look at our DEALERSHIP SALES TRAINING.

If you need the right EXPERIENCE, access our multi-level communication platform in your dealership and EXPERIENCE for yourself how customer management and appointment generation can be achieved effectively with your own sales team.

As the UK’s leading Motor Trade Contact specialists, we strive to push limits and lead the way in customer contact. Let us show you how we do it.

For more information or to find out what we could help your dealership achieve contact us or call our team on 0345 519 7922.

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