Direct Affinity LOST SALE

Turn Lost Sales Into More Sales

Turn Lost Sales Into More Sales

Direct Affinity LOST SALE provides a unique opportunity to re-engage customers who have left your dealership and not bought.

Working with hundreds of Dealerships all over the country, our Lost Sale product provides fantastic R.O.I for our clients.

Have you ever wanted more intelligence from the customers who do not buy from your dealership? Our Lost Sale process provides invaluable management information and incremental sales.

Direct Affinity LOST SALE aims to enhance your dealership customer service by giving you access to direct customer feedback and insight into the key factors that leads to a sale.

Run a Direct Affinity LOST SALE campaign and discover:

•  The real reason customers do not buy

•  Increased sales and profit

•  Customer CSI and Net Promoter Score

•  Improved and lasting customer experience

•  Another chance to convert a sale

Direct Affinity LOST SALE will provide you with invaluable customer information that will enable your dealership to ensure that all future sale opportunities and prospects are not lost but maximised.

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