Direct Affinity SALES TRAINING

Discover the Direct Affinity Dealership Sales Training Solution

Ensure your team have the right knowledge to achieve sales success with sales training that maximises your businesses opportunities.

Our sales course delivers tailored sales and communication training for car dealerships wanting to maximise their business opportunities with their customers. The Direct Affinity Dealership Sales Training Course concentrates on providing targeted sales training for the motor trade industry that gives you the skills, techniques and knowledge needed to be more effective at selling and prospecting.

This 10 step Dealership Sales Training Course offers the opportunity to learn detailed processes and proven sales strategies that can maximise business opportunities and directly impact sales results.

Direct Affinity are experts in customer contact and have over 50 years of senior management experience within the motor trade, which means that you’ll benefit from the best practises that we can share.



• Dealer Principles

• General Managers

• Sales Managers

• Sales Staff

• Service Staff

• Any customer facing or telephone based staff


• Access full sales cycle sales development and training

• Enhance and improve customer understanding

• Perfect and improve your time selling and customer approach through Qualification and Profile

• Gain the skills needed to sell effectively, communicate and negotiate well

• Question, listen and describe your benefits effectively

Accelerate your car sales by improving your sales cycle with industry-leading sales training with DIRECT AFFINITY. Speak to our team on 0345 519 7922 .

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